Core Capabilities

We care about long-term relationships over short-term gains. By getting the small things right, we aim to make a big difference for our clients.

THE HUMAN TOUCH: We are a customer engagement company that partners with businesses to improve customer experience and drive growth. Our talented, motivated, and knowledgeable sourcing experts draw upon years of experience and are highly skilled at discovering the very best and most highly qualified candidates, including those elusive and highly sought-after passive applicants. Our recruiters serve as an extension of your company, helping to ramp up candidate interest, promote your brand, communicate critical details, and ensure a great fit.

THE PROCESS: We power our algorithms based on your needs and then let our process take over. The maturity of our process has been defined by a controlled and measurable sequence of steps with specific value targets. The entire sequence of steps is reinforced through multiple quality checks and a sharp focus on delivering precise matches.

One of the very important tenets of our well laid out process capability is centered around the principal - there is no substitute for understanding one’s customers. We make your details our passion. We seek to minimize variability right from intake to the joining of a candidate. We engage you through smartly laid out questionnaires and minimally invasive but interactive calls that help us internalize the requirements and zero in on better matches for the right fit candidate.

THE SCIENCE: Without being over reliant on statistical tools, we focus on the lean aspects of cutting edge technology that helps us with our most important goal – better matching for the right fit. Our propriety algorithm assesses multiple data points to match a candidate’s skills and aptitude while mapping them to the client’s needs. Our area of attention has been on the following critical aspects of the talent acquisition process:

Search: Efficient resume parsing and system supported matches with each job description.

Screen: Evaluation includes not just technical screening but a job competency assessment, reliability scorecard, and social media profiling.

Selection: A state of the art ATS that facilitates seamless coordination between the client and the candidate throughout the entire selection process.

Onboarding: A reliability scorecard, automatic checkpoints, and event driven notifications that aim at keeping the candidate engaged and eager to join.

THE SCOPE: From end-to-end solutions, to modular services that work seamlessly with your own internal processes. From project-based to long-term engagements. From supplementing your current talent acquisition team to meeting your outsourcing needs. From enterprise-wide strategies to targeted programs for specialized markets, geographies, and different roles around the world. Our intelligent solutions can be designed, integrated, adapted and expanded to fill any talent acquisition need.

THE BRANDING: We bolster your employer brand with a robust profile that puts your mission and values front and center. As your trusted business partner we help to position your company as the employer of choice to potential and target candidates. We combine our extensive market intelligence with detailed demographic and psychographic data to uncover exactly what members of your candidate pool are looking for, providing detailed recommendations and communications for target populations.